How Long Do Vehicle Graphics Last?

How Long Do Vehicle Graphics Last?

Generally, vehicle graphics last between five to nine years. The longevity varies widely because it usually depends on the quality of the workmanship employed to install the graphic, the type of materials used in the installation, the degree to which it is exposed to the environment, and whether it is properly maintained or not.

In order to get a clearer understanding of the answer to the question “how long do vehicle graphics last?“, you need to know about the various things that will affect the longevity of your vehicle’s graphics and what you should do in order to ensure that it lasts.


How well you maintain the vehicle graphics plays the most significant role in determining longevity. In addition to making the graphics look great, washing your vehicle as soon as it gathers dirt or debris will reduce the chances of scratches. Making sure that it is protected from overexposure to sunlight will also prolong the lifespan of the graphics.

Vehicle Use

How you use your vehicle plays a role in determining how long its graphics will last. Generally, if you are using the vehicle in an environment that has elements that can damage the graphics, the wrapping won’t last as long as it would have otherwise lasted.

For example, if you are in the business of transporting petroleum products, the chances of your graphics lasting for a shorter period will increase. This is because petroleum products react with some of the materials that are used to wrap vehicles. Therefore, in such case, to prolong the lifespan of your graphics, you may have to be selective when it comes to choosing the wrapping material. Using quality overlaminate to protect your graphics will help. And so will taking extra maintenance steps.

Quality of prepping

The condition of the vehicle during installation affects longevity. If you install the graphics on a surface that has rust, dirt or any other substrate, it will degrade at a faster rate. The rate at which the material gets damaged will also be higher in vehicles that have scratches and dents.

Therefore, if you want your vehicle’s graphics to last longer than the average lifespan, you need to ensure that your vehicle is properly prepped. This means getting rid of scratches and dents, and cleaning the surface in order to render it free from any traces of rust or debris.

Installation expertise

The expertise of the people who are installing a car wrap also affects the durability of the graphics. Experienced professionals will not only employ the best techniques, but will also use high quality wrapping materials.

However, it is not all about following the best practices when installing the graphics. Experienced experts can also give you meaningful advice regarding the different ways in which you can guarantee a long-lasting wrap work.

Depending on your climate, where you store your vehicle, and the type of use you put your vehicle to, these professionals will be able to advise you on the best maintenance practices to employ. They will also recommend the best vehicle graphics materials for your vehicle, especially based on where and how the vehicle is being used. Therefore, if you are planning on getting lasting vehicle graphics, choosing a group of certified and experienced professionals such as Invicta Graphics is always advisable, contact us today and speak to one of our vehicle graphics experts.

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